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    Cape Fear.

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    Anthony Quinn and Anna Karina on the set of The Magus directed Guy Green, photographed by Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos

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    'the Chamber does fulfill desires, but only to those who believe with direct immediacy - which is why, when the three adventurers finally reach the threshold of the room, they are afraid to enter it, since they are not sure what their true desires/wishes are (as one of them says, the problem with the Room is that it does not fulfill what you think you wish, but the effective wish of which you may be unaware).'

    Slavoj Žižek, Tarkovskij. The Thing from Inner Space

    Andrej Tarkovskij
    STALKER, 1979

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    Bohemian Homes | Una capanna cowboy in Camargue, Francia.

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  11. Nosferatu (1922)

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    Diana Ross giving me life, 1975


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    Etudes SS13 Lookbook

    Into it…

    L’AFRIQUE C’est CHIC………..No.8

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    Outtakes from David Bowie’s 1977 “Heroes” cover photo shoot by Masayoshi Sukita.

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